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5 Strand Braid-in Runner Rag Rug (Rag Rugs by Erin Blog/Newsletter)

Posted by Erin Halvorsen on

Please let me update you:  I was asked to come back to the classroom for a year so finishing the 2016-2017 school year and running off on vacation for 2 weeks has been occupying my time.  I published a new video series on May 29, 2017 after many requests.  It took a lot of time and pushing my creative ingenuity beyond my usual edge.  The series shows how to make a 5 strand braid-in runner (rectangle) rag rug in 3 parts.  I made the t-shirt yarn a little different than in the past so I made another video showing how to make the t-shirt yarn for this technique. This video is still a good video to watch even if you are doing the oval braid-in (Lost Art of the Braid-in Rag Rug) because I talk more about the technique and placing your stitches.  I hope some of you find it interesting and a great way to recycle some cast off t-shirts.  

Here is the link for part one of 5 Strand Braid-in Runner Rag Rug (Part 1):  This will appear as a link in most emails, however if your email does not show it as a link you can copy and paste it in your address bar or go to my Facebook page Rag Rugs by Erin.  I usually post my blog in the next 12 hours after it has been published.

Please email me at for ideas or suggestions you would like clarification or information about.  Perhaps you will see it in another Rag Rugs by Erin Blog.

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Until next time happy rag rugging!


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  • I am making a round braid in rug and it’s turning up at the outside am I doing something wrong should I be doing it loose or tighter?

    Jina Juiliano on
  • I think this is great…I hope you enjoyed your vacation. Looks like you had fun…see you next month.

    Susan Godfrey on

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