Blended 2 Ply Rag Rug

Blended 2 Ply Rag Rug

Spring is upon us and many people like to do a little spring cleaning. This can mean different things to different people.  Some people look at the things that they haven't used in awhile and either donate them or throw them out.  If you keep avoiding some of your sheet or material (fabric) stash because it just doesn't get your creative juices flowing you might consider using them for this blended 2 ply rag rug.  Not only are you using up sheet yarn you can create some gorgeous versatile rugs.  I just love making these rugs! 

Blended 2 Ply Rag Rug tutorial playlist:

NOTE: Please remember when using material wash and dry it in the dryer at least once before making it into a rag rug. If you fail to do this you risk your rug loosing it shape when it is washed.

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lovely idea of sharing. would like to know what the other material is on the blend rug besides sheets.

Pamela Bagdonas


I appreciate you note. It is lovely to think that some of the info I share with others is helpful!!
With a smile,

Erin Halvorsen

This is exactly what i have been doing. Sorting thru fabric &cleaning out closets. I am pleased to have found your tutorials. You have a great teaching style. I am happily making sheet yarn and fabric yarn for rugs. I stopped by goodwill and got some bright random sheets for more color. :) Karri

Karri Henry

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