Beautiful Rag Rug Story (Rag Rugs by Erin Blog/Newsletter 12/4/16)

Beautiful Rag Rug Story (Rag Rugs by Erin Blog/Newsletter 12/4/16)

Let me share some excerpts and photos from a viewers touching story that brought tears to my eyes.  It is so sweet.
"Dear Ms. Erin,
I would be honored for you to share my story I shared about my Mom of rag rugs, which we learned totally from your videos. Her work on our rugs added enormous quality to the end of her life.  Though she could not remember from one day to the next of exactly how to rip or cut.  Each morning she would be sitting at the table waiting for me to show her for the hundredth time of what to do.  She JUST LOVED being productive.  She had worked in a factory for over 45 yrs. and once she was retired she had a very bad back,  so she had to spend most of her time in a chair.   If she had her way she would have worked on rugs 12 hrs a day.  I knew it had to bother her arthritis as it does mine and she was almost 90, but she just loved being useful.
She would watch your tapes with me repeatedly, and everything she did was absolutely perfect.  She was the perfectionist, not me.  lol  lol
I absolutely love your videos.......You taught me how to do all that I do.  I had no idea how to crochet.  I needed something for my elderly Mom to do as she was almost 90 and loved to be busy.  Though she often would forget from one day to the next on HOW to rip or cut or roll the fabric, once I showed her, she would do it endlessly, even 8 to 12 hours if I would let her.  lol   She passed away a month ago, but if all old people could have a project like this their lives would be so worthwhile.  My MOm "Grace"  could not wait to get up and work on HER RUGS...She did it every single day until she fell 3 months ago.  All is well....She so enjoyed her last year working on fabric for rugs.
She has passed away, but I've attached a few photos to show you how industrious I have become due to your videos.  Unfortunately, my thumbs often hurt a great deal, as like my Mom, I want to OVERDUE.
I have told all of my friends to watch your videos.
I love the crochet hooks I ordered from you.  I did get several.  Thank you for the spacers and the mug cover.
Thanks again...and good luck with you web site!
Paula Lemay  Age 69, Rutland, Vermont    previously lived in West Palm Beach, Florida
I am enclosing a poem she wrote as she has tons and tons of poems she wrote.  If she were alive still I would ask her to write about making rugs.  I will do that myself in the near future, as I too write poetry.
Here's wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your inspiration.
ps.  I wish that more elderly people could share the above like my Mom and I did.  She felt SO useful and alive.....Each day she would remember until time to go to bed and the next day we would start anew.  lol  lol"
Thank you Paula for allowing me to share you and your mother's rag rug story.

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Thanks for using my mom’s story and her pic’s. I love to see them and share them.

Paula lemay

How lovely! Bless their hearts! She doesn’t live too far from me!

Michelle parker

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