Rag Rug Charity Projects (Rag Rugs by Erin Blog/Newsletter)

Rag Rug Charity Projects (Rag Rugs by Erin Blog/Newsletter)

This was posted on my YouTube Feed "Lost Art of Braid-in Rag Rug".  I thought I would share with my Blog/Newsletter followers.  It is about a group of crafters making rag rugs and donating the proceeds or rugs to help others. What a lovely, caring and worthwhile activity. 
"Just want to you know, there's a group of international ladies in Guangzhou, China, who do crafting projects together each week. Many of the gals like to do projects together that we then sell and donate the money to charity. This week we're going to learn to make braided rugs using your videos. While I know some ladies will be making ones for themselves, we're going to donate most of the rugs to several different animal shelters in our area. We have at least 2 shelters who rescued dogs from the Yulin Dog Festival (one of the few places in China where they not only still eat dog meat, but they celebrate it too). Even though we're in the tropics we do get temps in the 40s in winter, and these dogs are mostly in large warehouses with large cage cubicles where they sleep at night. A concrete floor is cold no matter what the outside temp, so we'll be giving the rugs to the shelters for the dogs to sleep on. Will post some pictures for you after our first session."
This is a link to the Playlist that has all five videos.  This rug is made with t-shirt yarn.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGjSLhal0Uc&list=PLAEHBqI5JB7YvLVaXh0FVUOeL_DqxPAN5\

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