Fun Doll, Elf or Angel Rag Rugs

Fun Doll, Elf or Angel Rag Rugs

Hello Rag Rug enthusiasts,

Vicki Noble shared a unique rag rug idea. My friend Rita has also made miniature crocheted rag rugs for her granddaughter's Barbies and it could be fun with the Elf on a Shelf festivities at Christmas too.  Here is an excerpts from Vicki's note about her little rag rug. 

"Hi Erin!! Something fun... I wanted to show you the first braided rag rug I ever made. My fellow grandmother asked me for a little rug for a small diorama-type decoration she had. Here's a pic of the setting, and little rug 🙂 .  Thanks for sharing all your talent! -Vicki"

Thanks Vicki for sharing this unique idea!!!

With a smile,


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Until next time happy rag rugging!

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Thanks Erin so much for featuring my little rug on your blog. I am so honored. I love the idea of using these for Elf on a Shelf, too! Around my house you are called “The Goddess of Rag Rugging” :) . You have inspired me to learn how to make rugs even better and my quality is now excellent, thanks to you. I even sold two of my rugs recently which REALLY validated my progress. Thanks for sharing your time and experienced knowledge with us all. You have helped me enjoy this craft so much more. I have a little blog at where I will be posting these and more of my creations that I sell on our Etsy.
Again, I am so honored you chose to write about my first tiny rug. I am sure it won’t be the last. Happy creating!

Vicki Noble

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