Helping Others 1 Rag Rug at a Time

Helping Others 1 Rag Rug at a Time

This is the story of 1 man's quest to help others 1 rag rug at a time. I, like many of you, have charities that hold a special place in my heart. If you don't or would like to help Rugby Jim with this fabulous and ambitious endeavor please look up his well thought out and detailed website. Giving and helping others is a joyous and satisfying experience for many people. Making rag rugs is a joy for many of you and sometimes we make so many we are unsure where to share them so what better way to do that than donating a creation!

Excepts from Rugby Jim's story:

"Hi Erin,

For my 73rd birthday last June, my wife gave me three crochet lessons at our local yarn store.

It transformed my life...literally.  I love working with my hands making a tangible product; I love working with all the textures and colors; and I love getting into the zen-like zone of repetitive crocheting.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I was struck with a few revelations:

First, I would use rug making as a way to give back to two of my favorite charities.  Thus, I sell each rug I make for $25 and give the total proceeds to Doctors Without Borders or to Operation Smile.  I donate both the time and material.  (Including recycled sheets donated by friends).

Second, I would no longer be Jim Thompson.  I was now Rugby 🏉 Jim.  I love rugby, and the name Rug by Jim quenched my thirst for bad puns.  After all, Lady Gaga wasn’t always Lady Gaga...just sayin...

But third, I decided I could best help my charities by recruiting other crocheters to pledge, and make a rag run and donate the proceeds to one of these two charities.

Hence I am contacting you asking for a huge favor.  I have honed my crocheting skills from watching your videos and Facebook posts.  (Along with now using your terrific crochet hooks)."

If anyone is interested.......

"To join, they must merely go to my web site,, check it out, and email me at pledging to make a rug and donating the proceeds to either Doctors Without Borders or Operation Smile.  I don’t set any prices, and we keep “score” by number of rugs donated.  A rug making donor by the name of Angie would be listed on the Wall of Fame as Rugby 🏉 Angie (1) from Anytown.  No personal information is shared on the web site.  The number in parentheses is the total number of rugs donated.

Those who sell a rug should contact me for particulars of whom to specifically send the money (checks) to at those charitable organizations.  Customers who write checks to these organizations can write these off on their income tax.

Since June, I have made over forty rugs, sold twenty one, and donated five rugs to Operation Smile and our local breast cancer organization, Here for the Girls.

For 2019, I hope to modify my web site to sell and ship my rugs.  

Any help you can give helping me to get my message out would be met with the greatest thanks.  

Much thanks for the knowledge and inspiration you have provided thus far.


Rugby 🏉 Jim
International Rag Rugby League"

YOU GO JIM!!!!! 

With a smile,


Please email me at for ideas or suggestions you would like clarification or information about.  Perhaps you will see it in another Rag Rugs by Erin Blog.

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Until next time happy rag rugging!

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I love the bold colors in his rugs!


This is an excellent idea! Thanks for sharing this and high five to Rugby Jim :)

Vicki Noble

What a great blog. Thanks for posting! Happy New Year!


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