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NEW HOOKS in Walnut, Birch and Poplar (12mm, 13 mm &14 mm)

Posted by Erin Halvorsen on

Rag Rug Enthusiast,

Lyle (Mr. Camerman) is at it again. He has been working on the lathe perfecting more hooks styles and hook sizes.  We have some newer ergonomic hooks as well as our new birch 14 mm.  Before we only had the 14 mm in the ergonomic style. Check out our new line up. Just for following we are offering a 10% discount code valid through June 16, 2019, The discount code is good for anything on my website.   RRbE10 

As always my rag rug tutorials are free on my website by clicking on the blue link in the description and don't forget the valuable resource tutorials (over 30 tutorials) "Rag Rug Information and Help Videos". My commitment to teaching about rag rug making and sharing the things I learn is my focus. My website is to help you and help me to continue to help others. Thank you for all the words of encouragement and support. 

With a smile,


Please email me at for ideas or suggestions you would like clarification or information about.  Perhaps you will see it in another Rag Rugs by Erin Blog.

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Until next time happy rag rugging!

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