Rectangle Rag Rug with Easy Great Corners (Recycled Pillowcase)

Rectangle Rag Rug with Easy Great Corners (Recycled Pillowcase)

Rag Rug Enthusiasts,

This new tutorial shows how to make a rectangle rag rug and it focuses on making the corners more precise and easier. It has some differences than my other rectangle tutorial and of course hopefully the filming and quality of the tutorial has improved also. I am a work in progress. I made this rug with only pillowcases to help add to the possibilities of your rug make creativity. I added my How to Cut a Pillowcase in One Long Strip to the end of the tutorial to make it is easy to view if you haven't already viewed it. I will republish a version of this tutorial with more focus on the pillowcases in a couple months. Hope some of you find it helpful and thank you to all that help promote my tutorials by sharing with others.

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As always my rag rug tutorials are free on my website by clicking on the blue link in the description and don't forget the valuable resource tutorials (over 30 tutorials) "Rag Rug Information and Help Videos". My commitment to teaching about rag rug making and sharing the things I learn is my focus. My website is to help you and help me to continue to help others. Thank you for all the words of encouragement and support. 

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Until next time happy rag rugging!

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Hi Erin!
Any tips on how to prevent all the fraying on the sheet yarn?
Thanks for another great video!😊
Liza Armstrong 🐾

Liza Lara-Armstrong

Hi Erin Love your rugs💚

Linda C. Johnson

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