Don't Let Rag Rugs be a "Pain"

Don't Let Rag Rugs be a "Pain"

I am sharing again with you something one of my viewers/customers shared with me.  I like the way Deborah articulated her thoughts and I hope that it will help others feel like they could gain more comfort with their crocheting/rag rug endeavors. 
"I purchased a handmade poplar crochet hook size 9.5 mm from you recently.  Just wanted you to know how wonderful it is!  I'm right-handed and strained my right shoulder in the last few months.  I wanted to tell you that crocheting with the longer hook does not hurt my shoulder OR my right thumb.  I've had problems with my right thumb when I crochet previously and thought it was arthritis.  You are correct about the length makes the ergonomics perfect!
I love how easily the crochet hook passed through the "holes" in the sheet fabric and what a smooth slide the wood creates!
San Antonio, TX"
I found much needed relief in my hand, wrist and forearm. You are able to relax more and thus not over working the muscles and tendons.  Thank you, Deborah, for allowing me to use some excepts from your letter to me.

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Hi Erin! Always love to read your news letter each month. It’s fun an inspiring to see what’s new, and how many people have begun a journey in “rugging”! Keep doing what you do, making creativity available to everyone! Warmly, Margaret

Margaret W

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