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Rag Rug's Cute "Culprit"(Rag Rugs by Erin Blog/Newsletter)

Posted by Erin Halvorsen on

I had to share Duke Gill's fabulous rag rug story from East Texas. Excepts from his story:

"Just wanted to say thanks for posting your video tutorials online to YouTube.  They are excellent and you are a super teacher.

My two boxer dogs ripped up an expensive set of sheets when I was on vacation back in May and while I had a sitter for them.  I just didn't have the heart to throw them away and my mother suggested I make a rag rug out of them (her mother taught her how when she was a little girl but she didn't remember how).  I searched for Rag Rugs and found your tutorials.
I had a few difficulties on my first rug--I was grabbing the front stitch of the chain instead of going through both and the first few rows were a mess BUT I was NOT about to undo the work and start over so I continued.  My rug ended up have a bean shape but I love it anyway--and so do my boxers:
I had not planned on making another rag rug but found that crocheting these was sort of relaxing.  I went through the top of my linen closet and found a bunch of mix matched pillow cases where the original sheets were either torn or just missing and put these together in my second rag rug using your round rug tutorial:
This one I loved so much and there was so much labor involved that I wasn't about to put this on the floor and discovered accidentally that it perfectly fitted my dining table so there it staying--not about to let my dogs romp on it!  (grin)  I did have trouble with this one becoming wavy but found an answer in your responses online that I was adding too many "2 single crochets" into 1 hole as opposed to "1 single" in 1 hole.  I found that I am stitching a bit tighter than you do in the tutorials and that eventually I just stopped counting and would just occasionally do 2 in one hole--didn't really have a rhyme or reason to it.
 I'm sending along a photo of the main culprit who started me on this journey (grin):
Thanks again for all your work in creating the tutorials!!!
Duke Gill

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  • love these notes from Rag Rug students and love making the Rag Rugs – just a beginner but with Erin’s videos I will get better. hugs

    Cherrie on

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