Rag Rug Perspectives

Rag Rug Perspectives

Rag Rug Enthusiasts,

I was going to just post these 3 rugs on my Facebook page, Rag Rugs by Erin. On Facebook, I mainly focus on sharing other's rag rugs, my free videos, my hooks and my blog. It just so happened that Lyle (Mr. Camera Man) and I are both working on rugs that all have different qualities and details that some of you might find helpful in the quests to create your own rugs. Perhaps I will make a video featuring these rugs and ideas.

This first rug is the rug Lyle is working on. I will be teaching some classes on the road starting in mid August and Lyle will be assisting. He is brushing up on his skills so he can help others during the classes. Lyle is using my 16 mm (Q) hook and his sheet yarn strips are between 1.5" wide and 2.5" wide. All his sheets have different blues to give unity but the ability to be used in a room with many different blue possibilities. Great to give as a gift or sell if that is your motivation. Love how his rugs look different than mine. We all crochet a bit different.This is also his first rag rug.   


This rug is one of the rugs I am working on. This scrappy rug is what drew me to rag rug making in the first place. Most people seem to want a rug that has more of a pattern and some seem to want it to look perfect or more store bought.  Though I do like those rugs these scrappy, less than perfect, rugs make my heart sing. I decided to make more of these in between creating rugs for my viewers.This one was made from with bits and pieces of sheet yarn and Lyle's shirts. I used one of my 12 mm and the strips are between 1" to 2.25". I also choose mostly muted colors with a bit of a pop here and there. This is a very versatile type of rug.


This rug I showed at my last class and decided not to finish it until after this trip's classes. When I  am a class and I talk about this 2 ply or 2 strand type of rug I get that "I'm not exactly following you look" however when they could see the rug in the works it really helped their understanding. In a beginner class I still like to share the possibilities of what they can create with some practice. This rug was made with my 22 mm hook and 2 strands of boring sheet yarn .75" to 1.5" sheet yarn. When blended to together they are no longer boring but a blend of pleasantness. OKAY. I know I get a bit carried away but... I do enjoy this process of creating!!! LOL This is also a very versatile type of rug.     


As always my rag rug tutorials are free on my website by clicking on the blue link in the description and don't forget the valuable resource tutorials (over 30 tutorials) "Rag Rug Information and Help Videos". My commitment to teaching about rag rug making and sharing the things I learn is my focus. My website is to help you and help me to continue to help others. Thank you for all the words of encouragement and support. 

With a smile,


Please email me at ragrugsbyerin@gmail.com for ideas or suggestions you would like clarification or information about.  Perhaps you will see it in another Rag Rugs by Erin Blog.

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Until next time happy rag rugging!

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Thank you for taking the time to make this post and show some more of your and your husband’s rugs. Your generosity your talent is so appreciated.

Lu Ann

Thank you for taking the time to make this post and show some more of your and your husband’s rugs. Your generosity your talent is so appreciated.

Lu Ann

Your husband has caught on quite nicely. His rug is really gorgeous 😍 and your rugs Erin are always beautifully made. Thanks for posting. I’m always learning tips from you along the way and so appreciate your love for rag rugs. Thanks for sharing.

Kim Murry

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