The Effect of Striped Sheets in a Rag Rug

The Effect of Striped Sheets in a Rag Rug

Hello Rag Rug Enthusiasts,

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words or in this case 2 pictures. I love using striped sheets in my project and I do not run across as many striped sheets as I would like. If you have not experimented with striped sheets and have passed them up in the thrift store hunt for sheets take a look at a couple pictures that Louise from France was kind enough to share with us. She certainly does beautiful work. Below the pictures are excerpts from her email to me and details that she shared.

"I really LOVE the smoothness of the wooden crochet hooks I ordered from you; they slide through the loop so easily!
Below is my latest project. I cut across the stripes of a sheet in shades of light and dark turquoise, blue-ish lavender and a darker purple. (See sample of the sheet yarn also below.)
I made 2-inch-wide (cut not torn) sheet yarn and am using your 16 mm crochet hook with the sheet yarn folded lengthwise in 3. (I like the look of the rugs made this way.)
There's a heat wave here in France so the only thing I can do is sit in the cool of the house in front of a fan and work on a rug. 😊"
Thank you, Louise, for taking the time to take photos of your project and share the details with us. Many people love seeing the visual effects of what different sheet yarn can look like in a rag rug project!!!

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