Washing a Rag Rugs (Rag Rugs by Erin Newsletter/Blog 11/03/2016)

Washing a Rag Rugs (Rag Rugs by Erin Newsletter/Blog 11/03/2016)

Washing a rag rug made with Sheet:  I feel a rag rug is made to be used.  So I make most of my rag rugs at present from sheets.  My sheets are used.  They are either donated to me or purchased at thrift store or yard sales.  All my sheets are washed in hot water and detergent.  Once they are made into a rug they are used and enjoyed.  I am a practical person and like making/creating things that can be used. All my rugs are washed in the washing machine unless they are too large and need to be laundered in a bathtub.  I wash them in cold to warm water with a small amount of detergent on a delicate or gentle cycle.  I usually try to lay them outside in the sun to dry.  I will finish them in the dryer on medium heat if necessary.

I will also use t-shirts, old jeans and other articles of clothing for rag rug making.  I have not done well with yard fabric.  If looks nice but I am not happy with washing rugs made with yard fabric.

Here is a video that talks about choosing the correct materials and washing your rag rug it is What Makes a Rag Rug Last for Years.  


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