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Rag Rugs by Erin

12 mm, 14 mm & 16 mm Ergonomic Rag Rug Crochet Hook Bundle (Maple, Poplar and Cedar)

12 mm, 14 mm & 16 mm Ergonomic Rag Rug Crochet Hook Bundle (Maple, Poplar and Cedar)

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Beauties!!  This bundle is great for sheet yarn or t-shirt yarn. These handmade ergonomic wooden crochet hooks fit the nature contours of you hand and are perfect for rag rug making or heavier yarn. (12 mm, 14 mm, & 16 mm)The 12 mm (maple) hook is perfect for rag rug making with sheet yarn. I use this size when making lower profile rag rugs and use sheet yarn that is 1.25" to 1.75". This hook was my favorite size for the first several years of making rag rugs. 14 mm (poplar)works well 1.25" to 2.5" sheet yarn. The slightly pointed tip helps you navigate into the correct stitch however makes the pulling back through of the fabric easier on the hand, wrist and forearm. The 16 mm (cedar) is probably the most popular hook size for making rag rugs and a great all around hook. The rounded tip makes is easier on your wrist and forearm with the thicker heavier fabrics. My husband worked with me to tweak all of these hooks for fabric rag rug crocheting.  I am pleased with the way they perform. They are approximately 8.5" long. Having a longer hook (8.5") makes it more comfortable than most standard crochet hooks.  Because they are handmade they will have slight variations. They feel great in your hand. 

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