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14 mm "P" Ergonomic Walnut Rag Rug Crochet Hook

  • $ 38.50

This handmade ergonomic walnut crochet hook is perfect for rag rug making. They are as smooth as silk.  It is a P hook depending on which conversion chart you look at. The shaft/throat is longer than other hooks that have an ergonomic handle which I feel is necessary in helping to regulate your stitches. It has a resting place for your thumb starting about 2.75 " from the tip and a nub to grip with your index finger for comfort. It has a very smooth finish that improves the more your use it.  I am extremely pleased with the way it performs.  They are 14 mm and approximately 8.5" long, because they are handmade they will have slight variations. Having a longer hook (8.5") makes it more comfortable than most standard crochet hooks. It is a work of art and you will not be disappointed. Check out the grain. Over 40 % of our sales are repeat customers.

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