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25 mm Rag Rug Crochet Hook (U hook)

  • $ 21.99

This handmade wooden crochet hook is perfect for larger size yarn, sheet yarn, denim, heavy weight fabric, rope and upholstery fabric.  It works great with sheet yarn 2" to 4" wide. Perhaps wider sheet yarn would work as well. The rounded tip helps to make the pulling back through of the fabric easier on the hand, wrist and forearm.  My husband worked with me to tweak it for fabric rag rug crocheting.  I am pleased with the way it performs.  They are 25 mm and approximately 9.5" long (1 inch longer than all my other hooks at present.) We felt this extra inch in length was necessary to keep your crocheting comfort. The wood is poplar which is a renewable resource in the USA. The pictures do not do it justice and has not been stained only oiled. All wooden crochet hooks are handmade and may have slight variations.  The 25 mm is considered a size U on many crochet hook charts.  No two are the same.

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