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2 Different Green Sheet Yarn Strip Bundle 8 oz

  • $ 11.99

Dark Green Sheet Yarn and Soft Green with hints of light yellow and blue total of 8 oz or more. All sheets are a minimum 50% cotton or percale.  The sheets have been laundered and sanitized. The strips are 1.5" wide. All strips are minimum of 70" .  Each bundle is 8 oz. or more. Each bundle is 170 ft to 180 ft depending on the weight of sheet. I suggest using hook sizes N to Q (10 mm to 16 mm). All the rugs featured here were made by myself and all weigh less than 2.5 lbs. (5 - 8 oz bundles would make a rug at least this big. Examples:  27" round, 21" x 38" Caribbean Breeze, 24" x 30" Oval)   Click on this link to watch this free video I published on YouTube to see how to attach the sheet yarn strips you will be getting in each bundle of sheet yarn.                

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