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19 mm Rag Rug Crochet Hook (S Hook)

  • $ 17.50

This handmade wood crochet hook is perfect for larger size yarn, sheet yarn, denim or heavy weight fabric.  I have used it for sheet yarn 1.5" to 3" wide and it works like a dream. The rounded tip helps to make the pulling back through of the fabric easier on the hand, wrist and forearm.  My husband worked with me to tweak it for fabric rag rug crocheting.  I am pleased with the way it performs.  They are 19 mm and approximately 8.5" long. Some crochet hook charts say 19 mm is an S hook. Having a longer hook (8.5") makes it more comfortable than most standard crochet hooks. The wood is very light weight and when used for denim will take on a blue hue from the denim blue dye. All wooden crochet hooks are made with poplar which is a light hard wood, because they are handmade they will have slight variations. Poplar wood is of US origin and a renewable USA resource that does not cause deforestation of tropical rain forests. Feels great in your hand.

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