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Variety Sheet Yarn Strip Bundle for Scrappy/Patchwork Rag Rugs 9 oz

  • $ 11.99

My favorite rag rug to make is a scrappy rag rug. The rugs shown are examples of scrappy rugs. These bundles would be great to use with a 2 ply rug, add color to a denim rug or confetti rugs. Each variety bundle has solids and prints. No bundle has more than 2 strips of any solid or print. No 2 bundles are exactly the same. Sheet Yarn Strip Bundle 8 oz plus a bonus oz giving you 9 oz or more. All sheets are a minimum 50% cotton or percale.  The sheets have been laundered and sanitized. The strips are 1.5" wide.  Each bundle is 170 ft to 180 ft depending on the weight of sheet. All the rugs featured here were made by myself and all weigh less than 2.5 lbs. (5 - 8 oz bundles would make a rug at least this big. Examples:  27" yellow round, 21" x 38" green Caribbean Breeze, 24" x 30" Oval)   Click on this link to watch this free video I published on YouTube to see how to attach the sheet yarn strips you will be getting in each bundle of sheet yarn.               


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